Maktûbât Sharif



Light of the ’Ârifs, Leader of the Walîs, Protector of Islam and be hold in high esteem by Muslims



Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Praise be to Allah more than all creatures do in a loveable and likeable way to our Lord.

Peace upon Muhammad Mustafa, the beloved and Allah’s mercy to the universe. In every utterance of those who say his prophetic name and number of those who do not say his name in their heedlessness and, peace and worthy praying be upon Him. Peace and praying to be upon His sinless, shameless, and dignified family and Companions!

This book is the first volume of the book of (MAKTÛBÂT) of Imâm-i-Rabbânî Mujaddid-i elfi thani Ahmed-i Faruqi Nakshbendi (sallemehullahu subhanehu and ebkahu) who is the master of true ‘ulamâ’, the light of the wises, proof of Wilayat-i Muhammadiyya, the witness of Shari-a Muhammadiyah, sheikh of Islam, great ‘ulamâ’ of Muslims, the apostle of Walîs. There are three hundred and thirteen epistles in this volume. These epistles were collected by Muhammad-ul Jadid-i Badahshi Talkani (quddisa sirruh) who was in the service and conversation of His Highness Imâm-i-Rabbânî, and who has the knowledge and skill. He compiled this book in order to be beneficial for those who want to get the consent of Allah. We wish from Allah chastity and help. We wish to protect us from shame and sins and help us to advance and rise.



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